Dr. Eugenia P. Treadwell
Assistant Professor of Communication and Department Chair
Ph.D., Georgia State University; J.D., University of Georgia School of Law; M.A., American University; B.A., St. Thomas University
Phone: 305-474-6860
Office: Main Library

Dr. Treadwell received an M.A. in Public Communication from The American University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Treadwell’s thesis focused on environmental communication, public relations and advertising of “greenwashing” campaigns. She holds a J.D. from The University of Georgia School of Law. During law school, she served on the Editorial Board and as a Notes Editor for the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law. Dr. Treadwell earned her Ph.D. in August 2016. Ms. Ferrero’s publications and research interests focus on legal matters, public relations, political rhetoric, environmental communication and media ethics.

  • Ferrero, E. (2015). Legal and Ethical Foundations for Sustainability. Thomas Berry In Italy: Reflections on Spirituality and Sustainability.
  • Ferrero, E. (March, 2008). Considerations on Rules and Regulations that Impact the Practice of Professional Engineering. Half Moon Legal Problems Facing Engineers Seminar. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Ferrero, E. (December, 2008). How Businesses Are Reaping the Benefits of Minimizing Their Eco-Footprints. Smart Business.
  • Ferrero, E. Legal Cases as Rhetorical Frames: Massachusetts v. EPA and the Climate Change Debate (forthcoming).
  • Ferrero, E. Foucault and Carson: The Successful Intervention of the 1962 Regime of Truth (forthcoming).