School of Leadership, Education & Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

The goal of the B.A. in Communication Arts is to graduate students who are media literate. The program prepares communication specialists to work in diverse environments. Students will acquire competencies in a total communicative approach that emphasizes critical thinking, articulation skills in the spoken and written word and production experience. Additional coursework draws from areas such as art, humanities, literature, business, computer science and psychology. This is a traditional 4 year undergraduate degree program in an in-person, intimate education experience on our bucolic campus.

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Career Opportunities

  • TV and Film Production
  • Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Firms
  • Event Planning
  • Art Galleries
  • Communication writing for traditional and new media

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

COM 410 Advanced Broadcast Production
This course provides the opportunity to work in a professional setting in the student- managed campus channel. This is a one credit course which can be repeated up to six times.

COM 409D Video Game Analysis
This course explores the history and artistry of videogames, with emphasis on the aural as well as visual aspects of the form. In addition, this course qualifies as a diversity course and will explore race, ethnicity, gender and class in terms of issues of representation and consumption.

ART 246 Elements of Design: Color and Composition
This is a studio-based course that focuses on learning the theory and practice of composition, color, and design. Students will investigate the potential and impact that design elements offer in the creative and communication process. It includes an examination of the history and artists that define color and composition.

ART 251 Introductions to Graphic Design
This course introduces the graphic design visual communication theory and practice: elements and principles of perception and design, typography, symbols, and desktop design.

COM 346 Message Design for Public Relations
Students will learn the underlying fundamental principles, skills, concepts, and methods of designing a message for public relations and how to convey that message in a variety of sectors including information industries, entertainment, and politics. The course emphasizes the strategy of crafting and delivering a Public Relations (PR) message with special focus on pre-writing, preparation and editing. Students will gain professional exposure to writing for a PR career.