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Master of Arts in Communication Arts

Electronic Media Arts Specialization

The M.A. in Communication Arts establishes a graduate-level venue for studies and research in communications. It offers courses that develop analytical and practical skills for effective media-related writing and speaking, provide an understanding of media and cultural communication theories and foster the capability to work in varied roles within the communications and creative industries, or succeed in further studies leading to a doctoral program. This program is an in-person, intimate educational experience on our bucolic campus. The degree is designed to function well for students who are working full-time. Courses are offered evenings and weekends. The M.A. is two years of coursework plus a written thesis. This degree is valuable for those working in communications who wish to strengthen their credentials for advancement, as well as for those wishing to shift to a career in communications.

Featured Professors

Career Opportunities

  • TV and Film Production
  • Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Firms
  • Event Planning
  • Communication writing for traditional and new media

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

COM 620 World of Cinema
A review of the history of American and international cinema focusing on major cinema movements, historical generative mechanisms, and theoretical frameworks and models leading to an understanding of the integration of business, technology and the creative process.

COM 621 Genres of Television
A review of the history of television in the U.S. and other countries with a special emphasis on generic structures. It examines various economic, political and social forces that affect our television content and utilizes television theory to understand these effects.

COM 622 Videogame Art & Analysis
A comprehensive analysis of videogaming, this course covers the history and development of videogames, analysis of videogames as an art form, and the technological, sociological and commercial impact of gaming on modern culture including the complex ways race, gender, ethnicity and sexuality intersect with gaming both on screen and off.

COM 624 The Cutting Edge: Media Techno-trends
This course reviews the latest in technology trends effecting media. From podcasting to blogging - this course is designed to bring the media student up to speed in the latest developments in media technology.