Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology

The M.S. in Instructional Technology is designed for educational professionals who are interested in learning how to enhance teaching and learning through the use of technology. It presents students with opportunities to examine the rapid and never ending changes in learning technologies and their impact on education. This program is particularly appropriate for those who teach in the classroom and online, technology specialists, informal educators, and others interested in effectively using information and communications technologies to enhance instruction. Graduates may be designing online courses, enhance existing curriculum with emerging technologies, or may work as technology specialists, assisting with the integration of technology in academic and informal learning environments. The program is currently accepted by the Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Certification under Rule 6A-4.003. “Degrees, programs, and credits shall be determined acceptable for educator certification purposes when awarded by an institution of higher learning accredited by one (1) of the regional accrediting associations.” St. Thomas University is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Career Opportunities

  • Course Designer
  • Educational Content Developer
  • Professional Instruction for Teachers
  • Standards-based Techology Development

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

EDT 610 Instructional Design: Theories and Models
This course focuses on pedagogical theories as they relate to instructional design, and on existing and emerging models of instructional design. Topics include major schools of thoughts on how people learn, instructional and learning theories, and instructional design models and principles.

EDT 630 Multimedia Design and Development
An intermediate course designed to apply psychological theories and principles of learning and development to teaching and student learning in career areas related to education. Challenges oThis course is designed to develop students’ technical skills in multimedia design and development for instructional purposes. Topics include visual design principles, desktop publishing, digital graphics, and digital audio and digital video.

EDT 620 Technology Integration
This course focuses on how to integrate technology into the curriculum to effectively support and enhance learning. It provides students with opportunities to apply the principles and methods of technology integration by designing and developing real life technology-based projects. Topics include technology integration frameworks and strategies, and technology integration across the curriculum (language arts, math and science, foreign languages, social studies, music and art, physical and health education, and special education).

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