Dr. Darrell Arnold
Professor of Philosophy
PhD, University of Bielefeld (Germany); MA, Saint Louis University; BA, Bellarmine University
Phone: 305-474-6805
Office: Mimi Dooner Hall, Room 209

Darrell Arnold is Professor of Philosophy at St. Thomas University and coordinator of the Liberal Studies and Philosophy programs. He is also the president of the Humanities and Technology Association (HTA), a national interdisciplinary society focusing on the study of technology and society. In 2015-2016 Dr. Arnold served as Interim Dean of Biscayne College; in 2014-2015 he was director of the St. Thomas University's Institute for World Languages and Cultures. From 2012 thru 2014 Dr. Arnold was editor of the Humanities and Technology Review, the journal of the HTA. Dr. Arnold has published in numerous areas, including social and political theory, ethics, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of technology, and environmental philosophy. He is editor of Traditions of Systems Theory (Routledge) and the forthcoming Andrew Feenberg and Critical Theory (MacMillan/Palgrave). Among his numerous translations from German are Matthias Vogel's Media of Reason (Columbia UP) and Chrys Mantzavinos' Naturalistic Hermeneutics (Cambridge UP).

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