Dr. Giselle D. Jamison
Director of the Political Science Major, the Global Studies Major and the Minor in International Relations
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations
PhD, MA, Florida International University; BA Licenciada, Universidad Católica de Córdoba
Phone: 305-628-6579
Office: Mimi Dooner Hall, Room 217-C

Dr. Giselle De Bruno Jamison is an Associate Professor in Political Science who focuses on International Relations and World Affairs. Her main area of expertise is Latin America and the Caribbean. Recently, she expanded her interests to include issues of immigration and human rights in the United States. She teaches global courses such as Controversial Global Issues, Human Rights Law and Cuba after Castro. She is a board member of the Florida Political Science Association and the Program Chair for the International Relations section. She presents her research at different conferences such as the Latin American Studies Association, the International Studies Association, and the Midwest Association for Latin American Studies among others. She is also an active member in her community volunteering at places such as Nativity Catholic School in Hollywood, Florida.

  • Jamison, Giselle D.,” The U.S. Immigration System: A System Everybody Claims is Broken but Nobody Really Wants to Fix. Reasons to Account for the Lack of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Law.” (Forthcoming).
  • Jamison, Giselle D., “Cuba and the US: Where is the Future?” (Forthcoming).
  • Jamison, Giselle D., (2011). “Interpersonal Trust in Latin America: Analyzing Variations in Trust using Data from the Latinobarómetro.” In The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, V. 3, number 3.
  • Power, Timothy J., and Giselle D. Jamison. (2005). “Political Mistrust in Latin America.” Comparative Sociology 4, Issue 1-2:47-72. A Portuguese translation of this chapter appeared in Opiniao Pública, 2005, Vol. XI, 1.