Dr. Joe Holland
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
PhD, University of Chicago; MA, University of Chicago; MA, BA, Niagara University
Phone: 305-628-6637
Office: Mimi Dooner Hall, Room 220-S

Dr. Holland serves as Permanent Visiting Professor at the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano in Peru; President of Pax Romana / Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs USA, Vice-Chair of Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice, Editor of Pacem in Terris Press, and a fellow of the International Association for Catholic Social Thought at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. He teaches the history of philosophy and social ethics. His research interests include the crisis of Western philosophy as part of the ecological, social, and spiritual breakdown of modern Western industrial-colonial civilization.

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  • Holland. J. (2014). Crisis of Family and Unions in Late Modern Capitalism. Journal of Catholic Social Thought, 9:1.
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  • Holland, J. (2005). The Call to Holistic Regeneration: Healing Ecological, Societal, and Spiritual Life in the Emerging Postmodern Planetary Civilization. Annuaire de l’ALUC (Luxemburg).
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