Dr. Molly Lane
Doctoral Dissertation Chair and Associate Professor
(Administrator with Faculty Rank)
Ph.D., Purdue University; Master in Science, Purdue University; and Bachelor of Arts, Purdue University

Dr. Molly Lane is a Doctoral Dissertation Chair and Associate Professor in the School of Leadership, Education and Communication at St. Thomas University. She started her career in educational consulting where she designed and developed technical training materials for Fortune 500 companies. She became interested in educational technology after working for a number of years in corporate training. This prompted her to pursue both a master’s and a doctorate in Educational Technology at Purdue University. During her graduate studies, Dr. Lane worked in faculty development at Purdue’s Center for Instructional Excellence and taught graduate level courses in educational technology.

In 2004, Dr. Lane began working in online higher education as an Education faculty member and dissertation chair. She has extensive experience teaching online and chairing both qualitative and quantitative dissertation committees for distance education students. She has designed, developed, and evaluated online and face-to-face courses, workshops, and training programs in higher education and corporate settings. Dr. Lane is a life-long learner with professional interests in coaching, collaborative learning, evaluation, mentoring strategies for doctoral students, and technology-based tools for online learning.

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