Dr. Judith Bachay
Professor and Director of Graduate Counseling Programs
PhD, MS, Barry University; BA, Biscayne College
Phone: 305-628-6583
Office: Mimi Dooner Hall, Room 217-M

Judith Bachay, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Social Science and Counseling Department at St. Thomas University and a founding member of the University’s Loss and Healing program. She is an interdisciplinary professor who teaches across the Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health and School Counseling programs. has written numerous articles for publications and journals in the field of conflict mediation and resolution, group dynamics and has co-edited three books, Women Moving Forward, with thematic topics related to justice and the intersection of gender, law, and psycho social development. She is an international educator who has taught in Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Croatia. As a Fulbright scholar in Slovenia, she was able to provide an interdisciplinary lens to the way that people tackle complex problems. Dr. Bachay serves as a consultant for the Peace Education Foundation and is dedicated to scholarly community engagement through Center for Community Engagement. Together with faculty and students, she contributes to several sustainable community initiatives.

  • 2015, Fulbright Specialist Award. Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor, Slovenia
  • 2015, Interview, Professor Judith Bachay, Slovene Times, Summer Edition 2015, Volume 12
  • 2014, Faculty Member of the Year Award: Student Affairs Award for Outstanding Service
  • 2014, Excellence in Teaching Award: National Society of Leadership and Success
  • 2014, Faculty Member of the Year for Outstanding Teaching Professor: Biscayne College, St. Thomas University
  • 2013, Bachay, Judith. Leadership in the Helping Professions Invited monograph article, Management in Social Work, University of Tuzla, Bosnia.
  • 2012, Bachay, J. B. & Buzzi, B. M. When Grandma and Grandpa become Mom and Dad, VISTAS, American Counseling Association.
  • 2012, Bachay, J.B. & Buzzi, B.M. Family Counseling Interventions for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Invited Journal Article, Faculty of Social Work, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2010 Bachay, J.B. & Carter, I.M. Multi Culti Mixterations: Playful and Profound Interpretations of Culture Through Haiku, InterCultural Communications