Engaged Scholarship

St. Thomas University students have the opportunity to bring their research and learning to bear on the issues of today’s world.



Through research projects, internships, and community-based learning courses, St. Thomas University students work with partners in North Miami-Dade County to address the root causes of inner-city poverty and violence.



Working with some of the leading farmworker-advocacy organizations in the United States, St. Thomas University students are able to bring their course work and research to bear on the reality of exploitation and modern-day slavery in the fields of Central Florida.




Thanks to the University’s sister-diocese relationship with the Diocese of Port-de-Paix, Haiti, St. Thomas University students have the unique opportunity to leverage their research and learning into long-term economic development projects in Haiti’s poorest region. Fair-trade coffee, artisan, and solar energy projects are just some ways that St. Thomas University students are taking concrete steps to transform the world.