Bachelor of Arts in History

Our faculty affirms that an intellectual consciousness of history contributes in unforeseen ways to our society. We are dedicated to our students’ academic and professional success. Our goal therefore is not simply to train future historians, but develop the bedrock skill of a Catholic liberal education: critical analysis.

History at St. Thomas does not present the past as a series of tedious dates and facts without relevance to students’ lives: history is alive. At St. Thomas, history is an active process of discovery, debate, interpretation, and community engagement. Students leave our courses with the broad and informed perspective equipped to conduct independent research and communicate complex ideas with clarity.

A judicious and nonpolemical historian is a mediator between past, present, and future. S/he betrays the conservative’s sensitivity to continuity, stability, and permanence as well as the progressive’s desire for growth, development, and justice. All things that have passed are permanent: we cannot erase them and, as historical beings, they will continue to define our present. Yet history inspires hope through human choice thereby reminding us that our world is relative and humanity is called to be great.

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Career Opportunities

What do the CEO of Goldman Sachs, the co-founder of Facebook, American presidents, entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, journalists, Supreme Court justices, countless elected officials, entertainers, and professional athletes have in common? They were all history majors. History offers its students an adaptable intellectual toolkit: effective research skills, critical thinking skills, and persuasive writing and communication skills. Employers consistently report that they want to hire individuals with a broad knowledge base, the ability to solve problems, debate, communicate and think critically, the ability to analyze date and create/edit written reports. History provides these skills. Our majors and minors leave St. Thomas with a foundation for the following career pathways:

  • Educators in Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Higher Education, State and Federal Parks, Historic Sites and Museums
  • Communicators in Journalism, Publishing Houses, Documentary Editing, Multimedia Producing, Luxury Curating and Appraisal
  • Managers in Archives and Records Repositories
  • Researchers in Think Tanks, Cultural and Preservation Organizations, Political Campaigns, Non-Profits, Corporations
  • Advocates in Law and Paralegal Work, Litigation Support, Legislative Staff
  • Graduate opportunities that will insure our students earn more over a lifetime without acquiring unmanageable student debt


Introductory Studies

Early European History I
European History II

Early World History I
World History II

Colonial and Early American History I
American History II

Intermediate Studies
Atlantic History
Urban Studies
Environmental History
Medieval History
Modern Africa
Intellectual History
Women’s and Gender History
Florida Studies
The History of Capitalism
Modern Europe
The French and Haitian Revolutions
Latin American History
Caribbean History

Advanced Studies
Senior Research Seminar
Independent Readings
Directed Research

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