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What is the Process in completing my Dissertation?
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Ed.D. Curriculum & Dissertation Benchmarks Click to view

Where do I post my Drafts for my Doctoral Research Chair to Review?
Upload to the Dissertation Experience DIS 897 Courseroom – SEE VIDEO
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Dissertation Benchmark Process(Video) Click to view
Dissertation Handbook (Defense Procedures included) Click to view
Dissertation Templates
• Action Research
• Qualitative
• Quantitative
STU Dissertation Template – Action Research
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STU Dissertation Template – Qualitative .Click here to view. STU Dissertation Template – Quantitative .Click here to view.
Doctoral Research Sections Rubric Click to view
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Click to view
Dissertation Completion – Important Dates and Deadlines Click to view
Defense template /Presentation Click to view.
Dissertation Publications Manual & Final review dissertation checklist Click to view
Happy Doc Podcast Sessions Click to view
“The Doctoral Journey: 12 Things You Should Know (that they probably won’t tell you)” Click to view

University Resources

Library Website

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Library A to Z DATABASES

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Library Publication Tips and Most Common Errors

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Dissertations and Thesis

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