International Studies Certificate

The international studies certificate program contributes to STU’s quality undergraduate program by cultivating breadth of vision through Study Abroad.

Program Goals

  • Give students the benefit of living and learning in another culture.
  • Enhance the learning experience through on-­site teaching.
  • Introduce students to the variety of artistic and cultural expressions.
  • Improve language skills.
  • Give students a better understanding of their own countries through study in other countries.

Program Requirements 15 Credits

Nine (9) credits in STU courses taken abroad that deal with the host culture. Two of the following:

Any foreign language course or

ENG 326 Hemingway in Spain
HIS 379C History of Spain
HIS 383 Spanish Civil War
POS 356D Politics of the Developing Nations
POS 480D Inter-­American Relations
POS 485C Latin American Economic and Political Development
REL 2300 World Religions

For any courses not listed above, the student must get approval from the Associate Provost for Academic Support Services.


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