Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

The primary mission of the graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy is to train multi-culturally sensitive ethical systemic family therapists to provide clinical therapeutic services to families, couples, and individuals, by addressing a wide array of relational concerns within the context of the family system, in a rapidly changing world. The Master of Science degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy is designed to provide advanced training for those who intend to serve or are currently serving in a therapeutic capacity within public, private, school, community, organizational, medical, and human service settings.
Our curriculum is based on an integrative approach to professional preparation as a family therapist, in that it focuses on personal growth as well as theoretical learning. Several courses have a community engagement aspect. All theoretical knowledge is applied to actual family challenges in the 21st Century. The MFT student is well oriented to the profession of family therapy and is prepared to succeed in the field. As a small program, faculty members work closely with students to assist in their goal attainment. The program can be completed in 2 to 2.5 years. It is designed for adult learners, who work full or part time. The program is "on ground", with the possibility of a few on-line electives . As part of the Counseling Programs, students may be admitted to a number of certificate programs, allowing them to add a specialization to their graduate training. With just a few additional courses, students may receive training in the areas of bereavement counseling, school counseling, and child and adolescent therapy.

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For questions, contact Cindy Silitsky, Program Director, at 305-628-6907

Career Opportunities

  • Licensed marriage and family therapists in the state of Florida (upon completion of state licensure requirements)
  • Independent private practice
  • Family counselors in schools (public and private)
  • Adolescent, mental health and family counseling in clinics, agencies, hospitals, legal and correctional settings
  • Pastoral counselors in religious settings

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

CPS 743 Theory and Practice of Counseling Couples
Examines the roles, expectations, needs, patterns of intimacy, and communication patterns of marital, non-marital, and divorcing dyads. Theoretical models and practical methods are presented and practiced.

CPS 746 Human Sexuality Counseling
Explores human sexuality in contemporary society. Students review anatomy and physiology of sexuality, psychosexual development and normal and abnormal sexual response and function. Treatment of sexual dysfunction is overviewed with emphasis on assessment and appropriate referral.

CPS 757 Special Issues in Grieving and Loss
Examines the many facets of grief in the context of death and non-death related loss. Explores grief and grieving across the lifespan, with an additional emphasis on complications in the grieving process.

CPS 710 Play Therapy in Counseling
Explores the principles and techniques of play therapy with preschool and elementary school aged children in a variety of counseling settings.

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Course Requirements

Foundation Courses (21 Credits)

CPS 503 Applied Research Methods (3)
CPS 730 Theories of Personality and Therapy (3)
CPS 733 Introduction to Counseling (3)
CPS 736 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling (3)
CPS 745 Abnormal Psychology (3)
CPS 746 Human Sexuality Counseling (3)*
CPS 667 Multicultural Counseling (3)

Specialization Courses (18 Credits)

CPS 740 Introduction to Family Therapy and Evaluation (3)
CPS 741 Transitions in Family Life (3)
CPS 742 Intermediate Family Therapy (3)
CPS 743 Theory and Practice of Counseling Couples (3)
CPS 792 Field Experience I (3)
CPS 793 Field Experience II (3)

Elective Courses chosen from the following (9 Credits)

CPS 663 Occupational and Educational Principles of Guidance (3)
CPS 734 Therapeutic Issues of Infancy and Childhood (3)
CPS 735 Group Therapy (3)
CPS 737 Therapeutic Issues of Adolescence (3)
CPS 739 Therapeutic Issues of Aging (3)
CPS 744 Substance Abuse and the Family (3)
CPS 747 Individual Assessment and Treatment Planning (3)*
CPS 749 Intermediate Counseling (3)
CPS 750 Introduction to Community Consultation (3)
CPS 752 Selected Topics in Psychotherapy (3)
*CPS 744 and CPS 747 are needed to meet licensure requirements

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