Dr. Stephanie Maynard-Patrick
Assistant Professor of Management
PhD, New Mexico State University; MHRIR, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; BSBA, University of West Florida
Phone: 305-628-6540
Office: O’Mailia Hall, Room 118

Dr. Maynard-Patrick serves as an active member of the Academy of Management, Southern Management Association, the Society of Human Resource Management, as well as on numerous initiatives at St. Thomas University. She teaches human resource management, human resource development, compensation administration, staffing, labor relations, and organizational behavior in the MBA and MSM programs. Her research focuses on mentoring, reciprocity, social exchange, and workplace relationships. She believes that research and teaching should help the community. Because of that philosophy, she has conducted research and class projects for governmental organizations and local businesses, and is always looking for organizations to help.

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  • Boje, D.M., Maynard-Patrick, S., & Elias, S. E. (2012) Swapping Stories: How Firms and Stakeholders use Blogs as Narrative Discourse to create Efficacy and Meaning for Corporate Social Responsibility. In A. Lindgreen, P. Kotler, F. Maon, and J. Vanhamme (eds) A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility: Pressures, Conflicts, Reconciliation, Burlington, VT: Gower.
  • Bishop, J. W., Scott, K. D., Maynard-Patrick, S., & Wang, L. (2012). Teams, Team Process, and Team Building. To appear in L. Garcia and J. C. H. Steele, Jr. (eds.) Clinical laboratory management in the 21st century, Santa Monica, CA: LSG & Associates.