Carol City Middle School Progress Report Card Review 2019-03-01

Community Educational Partnership

Carol City Middle School


  1. After-School All-Stars Expressive Arts groups – Dr. Bachay
  2. Progress Report Card Review – Campus Wide
  3. Community-Engaged Leader Corps Interventionists/Tutors – Ms. Gaskin, Dr. Devereaux

The St. Thomas University/Carol City Middle School Community Educational Partnership is a 5-year partnership aimed at leveraging the university’s teaching and research resources into student-success at Carol City Middle School – a school in one of the most challenged communities in State of Florida. While the long-term partnership will include efforts to expand science, arts, and business curriculum at the school, the goals of the first years will be to:

a) identify at-risk students, and specific intervention opportunities;

b) create a comprehensive educational plan to address academic challenges;

c) support students in overcoming social-emotional challenges and developing pro-social behavior; and

c) Support comprehensive referral to out-of-school social service support as needed.