The Institute for Ethical Leadership understands and embraces the importance of a comprehensive and educational university approach to research.  This is critical for legitimizing the discipline of leadership and associated scholarship that informs ethical organizational behavior and community standards.  The Institute for Ethical Leadership is proud to lead the following research efforts that shape ethical leadership education, formation, and practice at the local, state, national, and international levels.


The National Leadership Education Research Agenda

The Institute for Ethical Leadership is proud to serve as a key piece of the development of the second iteration of the National Leadership Education Research Agenda. Our Executive Director is the lead editor for this project shaping the research priorities for Leadership Education for the next five years.


The National Delphi Study of Leadership Programs

Our diverse learners deserve the best leadership education teaching and learning practices. To meet this need, the Institute for Ethical Leadership, in collaboration with Iowa State University, is conducting a first-ever Delphi study to identify distinctive characteristics and programs that shape the future for leadership learning.


The Use of Facial Recognition Data to Determine Leadership Learner Engagement and Sentiment

In collaboration with the University of Florida and Iowa State University, the Institute for Ethical Leadership serves as the project lead for using facial recognition data to understand the impact of leadership learning interventions on students’ engagement and sentiment.  Thus, identifying repeatable teaching practices that create a gateway for leadership learning.