The 2023 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference

Post-Event Survey (for Graduate Recruiters)

FURC 2023 Graduate Recruiter Survey
The overall length of time for the whole conference was…
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Choose all that apply
The event staff was friendly and helpful.
I found the check-in process to be a smooth experience.
The welcoming reception was inviting.
The facilities enhanced the professional atmosphere of FURC 2023.
Lines were well-managed (e.g., check-in, breakfast, lunch, etc.).
I enjoyed the food.
I was pleased with my overall experience at FURC 2023.
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I made positive connections with personnel from other institutions.
received helpful feedback on my graduate school.
The conference was well attended.
I would recommend participation in FURC to other graduate recruiters.
Did you enjoy the location and flow of the graduate school recruiters area?
Did you feel that you spoke to a sufficient number of students throughout the conference?
How does your experience at FURC 2023 compare to other tabling events you have attended recently?
What was your favorite part of the conference?