Journal of Student Research

The mission of the Journal of Student Research (JSR) is to promote excellence in leadership practice by providing a venue for students and future academics to publish current and significant empirical and conceptual research in the arts; humanities; applied natural, and social sciences; and other areas that tests, extends, or builds leadership theory. Primarily, JSR seeks to provide a platform for academic growth.


Editorial Team


Alexandra D. Valdes – J.D. Candidate, St. Thomas University

Associate Editor & Book Review Editor

Lacey Skorepa, Ph.D. Candidate, GTA, Wayne State University

Assosciate Editor

Emily D. Bello-Pardo, American University

Advising Faculty

Co-Founder and Managing Faculty Advisor
Hagai Gringarten, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Faculty Advisor
Raul Fernandez-Calienes, Ph.D.

Co-Founder (2015)
Nina Rose, J.D.