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Curriculum Map for the J.D. Program

In January 2018, faculty mapped individual first year and upper division required courses to the Law School’s learning outcomes using a survey distributed by the Strategic Planning Committee. As additional surveys are completed and new courses are adopted, this curriculum map will be updated. The curriculum map will be used by the Strategic Planning Committee and the Curriculum Committee to prepare the Law School’s Assessment Plan, improve the curriculum and conduct assessment activities.

  • Curriculum Map (Summary) (last updated: January 19, 2018). If a learning outcome is addressed by all professors who teach a particular course, an "X" appears.
  • Curriculum Map (With Level of Competency) (last updated: January 19, 2018). Faculty were asked to identify the level of competency for each desired learning outcome.
    1. “Introduction” means key ideas, concepts, or skills related to the learning outcome are introduced, but it is expected that they will be developed later in a student’s course of study.
    2. “Competence” means students must demonstrate proficiency in the learning outcome by the end of the course.
    3. “Advanced” means students have advanced instruction in and/or additional practice with the knowledge, value, or skill, such that they demonstrate the learning outcome with high level of independence and a level of understanding and sophistication expected of graduates, not students. It is doubtful that a student will achieve this level of mastery of a subject or skill in a first year course.


*Note that for courses with multiple sections, data was provided at the minimum level of coverage given to all students taking the course. Individual coverage and course goals will vary from professor-to-professor.