Civil Practice Externship

This is a single semester externship, available part-time or full-time, which provides opportunities for students to observe and participate in lawyering at government agencies and non-profit, public interest settings. Typical placements include legal aid services, city and county attorneys, state and local government agencies, school boards, and healthcare facilities. Participation enhances the development of a broad range of lawyering skills, advance personal career goals, enable critical reflection of the legal profession and legal institutions, encourage self-directed learning through reflection, and promote core competencies and professional values that produce skilled and ethical lawyers and professionals in our society. Those students whose placement requires a Certified Legal Intern status must have completed four semesters (a minimum of 48 semester hours) and have received Florida Bar Notice of Registrant Clearance.

Click here for a list of pre-approved civil practice externship placements.

Students are required to attend the weekly class component.

Prerequisites: Successful Completion of First Year
Co-requisites: None
Course Credit: 8 or 4 (part-time/summer)
Grading: Pass/Fail
Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time or Part-Time
Minimum Hourly Requirement: Full-Time: 30 hours per week; Part-Time: 16 hours per week; Summer; 32 hour per week
Eligible Students: 2L's and 3L's
Florida Bar Notice of Registrant Clearance: No
Clinic Location: Miami-Dade; Broward; Palm Beach counties
Faculty: Professor Tim Martin