Assessment Plan

On May 1, 2018, the faculty adopted an Assessment Plan for 2018-2025. This Assessment Plan has the following purposes.

  • To strengthen this law school’s academic programs by gathering data about student learning in relation to a set of pre-identified Student Learning Outcomes, analyzing the data to determine whether students are achieving the identified learning outcomes, preparing a report with the results and recommendations, and adopting changes where necessary to respond to identified problem areas and improve the overall quality of the programs.
  • To articulate an effective, workable, faculty-driven, and efficient process to assess student learning outcomes at an institutional level over a ten-year period (the ABA’s sabbatical site visit schedule).
  • To identify the roles of faculty and relevant administrators in implementing this Assessment Plan.
  • To demonstrate compliance with the ABA’s requirement that, by the 2017-2018 academic year, every accredited Law School has a publicly available assessment plan.
  • To ensure that the students acquire the requisite knowledge, skills, and values expressed in the law school’s Mission Statement, which our institution deems important for the legal profession and the practice of law.
  • To demonstrate compliance with SACSCOC (the University accrediting body).