Three + Three B.A./J.D. Programs

St. Thomas University School of Law has collaborated with St. Thomas University, Miami Dade College and Lynn University to offer students an opportunity to earn a combined Bachelor's Degree and Juris Doctor Degree. The Accelerated Law Program allows students to graduate with a Bachelor's degree and Juris Doctor degree in six years instead of the traditional seven years. In this way, students save one year of tuition and may enter the work force a year earlier. Students may also elect to obtain a joint degree while in law school. Students who elect to obtain a joint degree may graduate with a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, and a Juris Doctor degree in six years.

This is a six-year program that is offered to qualifying students who initially satisfy the undergraduate institution requirements and St. Thomas Law's admissions requirements. Students seeking to participate in the program must contact their academic advisor at their undergraduate institution to ensure they qualify to participate. The student must agree to cooperate with the tracking and monitoring system which is designed to ensure the student meets the curricular requirements prior to applying to the School of Law.

Students who participate in the Accelerated 3+3 program will complete their freshman, sophomore and junior year at the graduate institution, visit St. Thomas Law for the senior year, and return for graduation at the undergraduate institution.

Acceptance into the 3+3 program does not guarantee acceptance to St. Thomas Law. Students must still satisfy the admissions requirements of the law school. Students are encouraged to sit for the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) no later than February of the student's junior year.

Contact Information:

St. Thomas University
Admissions Office
(305) 628-6546

Miami Dade College
BAS Academic Advisor
(305) 237-8161

Lynn University
Darren Allen
Assistant Professor, Dialogues of Learning and Criminal Justice
(561) 237-7013

St. Thomas University School of Law
Jessica Fonseca-Nader
Assistant Dean for Enrollment & Scholarships
(305) 474-2406