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Hector O. Nava
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., Harvard University, 1971
J.D., Georgetown University Law Center, 1974

While attending law school, Hector Nava was selected to serve as a Summer Intern to the Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board. Upon graduating from law school, Mr. Nava continued to serve in the Chairman's legal staff as an attorney advisor. His responsibilities consisted primarily of advising the Chairman on matters concerning the handling and disposition of cases pending before the Board, as well as drafting memoranda and decisions for publication. In 1975, Mr. Nava transferred to the Board's Phoenix, Arizona, office as a trial attorney and quickly rose to the rank of trial specialist. In that capacity, Mr. Nava investigated and litigated cases in various states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Mississippi. In 1987, Mr. Nava was promoted to the position of Miami Resident Officer, with the overall responsibility for the effective administration of all Resident Office operations, including the investigation, settlement, and litigation of unfair labor practice cases, federal court litigation, processing of representation cases, and recruitment and training of staff. Mr. Nava has been invited to lecture about practice and procedure before the National Labor Relations Board at the University of Miami Law School and at Florida International University Law School. He joined the adjunct faculty at St. Thomas University School of Law to teach practice and procedure before the National Labor Relations Board. Mr. Nava believes that law students benefit greatly from acquiring a clear practical understanding of the administrative process.