Howard K. Blumberg
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., University of South Florida
J.D., University of Miami

From his law school days to the present, Howard K. Blumberg has devoted himself to criminal law. As a law student he interned at the Florida State Attorney’s Office, Appellate Division, Miami, Florida (1976-1978), and after graduation spent several months as an Assistant State Attorney in the Appellate Division in Miami. Then in April 1979 he shifted his emphasis to criminal defense, becoming an Assistant Public Defender in the Office of the Public Defender, Appellate Division, Miami, Florida. He has held that position since then, and has presented numerous oral arguments leading to decisions at the Third District Court of Appeal and argued a number of cases in the Florida Supreme Court. In January 2005 he joined the adjunct faculty at St. Thomas University School of Law to teach the classroom component of the Appellate Litigation Clinic.