The Rev. Raúl Fernández-Calienes
Visiting Associate Professor of Legal Writing Skills
B.A., University of Miami
M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary
M.A.R., Iliff School of Theology
Ph.D., University of Sydney, Australia
Grad.Cert.Ecum., University of Geneva, Switzerland
Grad.Cert.Publ.Mgt., St. Thomas University
C.P.E., Jackson-Memorial University of Miami Medical Center
C.P.E., Presbyterian-University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
M.S.-TESOL, St. Thomas Univeristy
Phone: (305) 623-2334
Office: Legal Research & Writing Suite, Room 209

The Reverend Professor Raúl Fernández-Calienes, Ph.D., has been active in education, ministry, and service with minority and indigenous peoples for most of his life. He has served on the staff and been a consultant with grassroots, church, and educational organizations in the U.S. and overseas. He has won many research and practicum awards, from such organizations as the Lilly Foundation, the Consortium on Rights Development, and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. He is a sought-after researcher, writer, and award-winning editor, and he has done editorial and production work on many books published in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. At St. Thomas, he was on the staff of the St. Thomas University Human Rights Institute, the adjunct faculty member with the Graduate Writing Program, and the technical editor for the University's Self-Study Report 2003 (for ten-year accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and the law school's Self Study Report 2005 (for the American Bar Association and the American Association of Law Schools). In 2006, he was an Assistant Editor of the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute. He also is co-editor of the 3-volume Women Moving Forward book series. Currently, he is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, a peer-reviewed academic publication, and he directs the Writing Enhancement and Skills (WES) Program.


Book Chapters:


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  • Raul Fernandez-Calienes, Plagiarism, in Encyclopedia of business in Today's World (Charles Wankel, ed., 2009, Sage Publications).


  • Raul Fernandez-Calienes, Comment, Life Forward: Dennis Curran, Senior Vice President of Labor and Litigation Policy, National Football League, 6(3) J. Multidisciplinary Res. 73 (2014).

Additional Publications:

  • Raul Fernandez-Calienes, Comment, Life Forward: Daniel D. Dolan, II, Esq., 4(2) J. Multidisciplinary Res. 107 (2012).
  • Raul Fernandez-Calienes, Distinguished Speaker Series: Index-2011 (2011, St. Thomas University School of Law).
  • Raul Fernandez-Calienes, Journey to a Research Journal: Intrapreneurship, Branding and the Making of an Academic Journal, in International Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Conference Proceedings (2011).

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