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Terms & Conditions of Your Award

Award Notification

Your Financial Aid Award is prepared in accordance with federal, state, and institutional regulations for the purpose of assisting with your educational costs. Your award is contingent upon actual receipt of funds from the appropriate agencies (federal, state, private), and you meeting all necessary requirements. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to revise or cancel your award due to changes in your financial or academic status.

Disbursing Financial Aid

Financial aid funds are generally credited to your account in September for the Fall semester and January for the Spring semester, provided you have submitted all required documents and your file has been processed. Tuition and all other allowable charges will be deducted from your scheduled financial aid. Refunds are issued by the Business Office after the drop/add period for the term has ended and all allowable charges have been deducted, provided you meet the enrollment requirements for each term. It is recommended that you set aside sufficient funds to cover expenses such as books, meals, living expenses, etc. for the first month of classes while financial aid funds are being disbursed.

Award Adjustments

After receiving your initial award letter, you may request an award adjustment by submitting a written request within 30 days of the date on the award letter or two weeks prior to the last day of class of each semester.

Awards are Subject to Change

A financial aid award may be reduced or canceled. The most common reasons for an award adjustment include changes in enrollment, residency status or housing arrangements and over-awards due to receipt of aid from other sources. An award may also be adjusted due to changes or inaccuracies in the information on which the award was based.

Changes in Circumstances

Federal and State regulations require that we revise your award when changes occur which may affect your eligibility for financial assistance (e.g. changes in enrollment, receipt of additional assistance, failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, etc.). If this occurs, your eligibility will be reassessed and a revised award letter may be issued reflecting the appropriate changes.

Renewal of Financial Aid

Financial aid awards are not automatically renewed. It is your responsibility to apply for financial aid and adhere to application deadlines.