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Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) in Intercultural Human Rights

The Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) Program in Intercultural Human Rights aims to provide a premier opportunity for promising human rights scholars to make a lasting contribution to the dynamic and action-oriented field of human rights, through researching, analyzing, and offering solutions to pertinent, cutting-edge issues, both globally and domestically. In particular, the J.S.D. program will be a powerful tool in meeting the diverse interests and career aims of top-quality students.

Like any thesis-based doctoral degree, the J.S.D. in Intercultural Human Rights is a capstone academic achievement, indicating ultimate academic specialization and original contribution in the chosen field. Its emphasis is on the imparting, analysis, elaboration, and dissemination of knowledge about human rights in the world social process, and the development of recommended solutions to societal problems through interdisciplinary, problem- and policy-oriented research. Intercultural dialogue facilitates this research; it is enhanced by the diversity conspicuous not only in the student body at the St. Thomas University School of Law, but also in the program faculty, as established in the residential LL.M. Intercultural Human Rights Program.

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