Group Study Room Policy

Group Study

Groups of at least 2 of St. Thomas Law School law students may reserve study rooms for a period of up to two (2) hours. An additional two-hour period may be reserved in the same room during the last fifteen (15) minutes of the initial period provided that no other group has reserved the room for the subsequent period. Individuals may use study rooms Monday-Thursday after 7PM, and all day Friday-Sunday.

Study Rooms

The Law Library has eleven (11) group study rooms. Rooms 1 through 4 are located on the east side of the second floor. Rooms 5 through 7 are located in the southeast corner of the second floor behind the computer lab. Rooms 8 through 11 are located southwest corner of the second floor.

All rooms are subject to pre-emption by the Law School Registrar for exams. It can reasonably be expected that all study rooms will be unavailable between opening and 6:00 PM Monday to Friday during midterm and final exams. Please be aware that students may be asked to leave, even if those students had reserved the room. The exact schedule will be posted at the Circulation Desk during the relevant weeks as it is provided by the law school Registrar


  • Rooms MUST be reserved at the Circulation Desk and MUST be done in person. No phone or email requests for reservations will be honored.
  • Room reservations can be made for the same-day only; no advanced reservations will be accepted.
  • Room reservations for times beginning before 1:00pm may be requested as soon as the library is open for the day. Reservations for rooms beginning 1:00pm and later each day can only be made after Noon (12:00pm).
  • Study room access keys must be checked out at the Circulation Desk when the reservation time begins and must be returned at least five (5) minutes prior to the expiration of the reservation period. Failure to return a key on time will result in the immediate suspension of study room privileges for a minimum of one week and as much as one semester for repeated or malicious abuse of the rules. Photo identification (either STU ID or government issued photo ID) of at least two group members must be retained at the Circulation Desk in order to check-out a study room key. The retained ID will be returned upon return of the key. There is a $25 replacement fee for lost keys.
  • If your group has not arrived within fifteen (15) minutes after the beginning of the reservation time, the room will be forfeited to the next group.
  • If a study room is left unattended at any time for more than fifteen (15) minutes or with fewer than 2 individuals (other than the times noted above), the room is subject to forfeit and any personal items left behind will be removed to the Circulation desk for later pickup.


Please be courteous to and mindful of your fellow students and other library patrons. While conversation is allowed and expected inside the group study rooms, please be aware that the rooms are not sound proof and patrons seated in the areas outside of study room may be disturbed by excessive noise. Creating excess noise or disturbances may be cause for the Law Library staff to ask a patron to leave. Repeated infractions can result in suspension of study room and/or other library privileges.

Study Rooms close fifteen (15) minutes prior to the Law Library closing.