Leave of Absence Procedure

An enrolled student who wishes to take a leave of absence must submit a written request for approval to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. In the case of a student who has not yet completed the first-year program, a leave of absence will be granted only for serious medical or personal reasons. A student who fails to meet any of the conditions of the leave of absence must reapply for admission. A student who has failed to satisfy financial obligations to the Law School and/or the University will not be granted a leave of absence. Students granted a leave of absence from the Law School during a semester or summer session, but prior to the beginning of an examination period, may do so with no grades recorded. After the examination period begins, grades will be assigned in accordance with the Law School’s grading policies. A student out from school for any reason will be obligated to meet the requirements in place at the time of readmission to the Law School.