St. Thomas Law Student Interns at the United Nations in New York

By April 30, 2018STU News

St. Thomas University School of Law offers its students opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting through its transformative clinical and internship programs.

Third-year student Janice Santiago recently completed one such opportunity through her externship at the United Nations in New York. This immersive experience allowed her to be a full delegate to the United Nations where she attended UN General Assembly and Security Council meetings, and rubbed shoulders with ambassadors and UN delegates from all over the world. She had full access to the UN including attendance at committee meetings, observation of general debates, draft resolutions, and informal consultations. 

Third-year St.Thomas Law Student Janice Santiago at the United Nations General Assembly 
Through these meetings, Ms. Santiago gained invaluable insight and was able to witness history in the making. 
“You attend a security council or general assembly meeting one day and read about it in the New York Times the next day,” stated Janice.”I am so lucky that our school and Professor Mark Wolff provides this incredible externship.”
Located at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, the United Nations Internship is a residential, single-semester placement at Permanent Missions, inter-governmental organizations (IGO’s), and non-governmental organizational (NGO’s) credentialed to the United Nations. The interns function as accredited representatives to the UN and follow major policy issues on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly such as the Commission on Sustainable Development, Commission on the Status of Women, HIV/AIDS, Law of the Sea, International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice, Human/Child Trafficking, and the Human Rights Council. Each intern prepares analytical reports on issues and a final in-depth research paper in one area, with these materials selectively published and shared electronically across the worldwide Pax Romana international network, through Pacem In Terris.

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