How To Access 3M Cloud Library

Reading and Downloading via the App

To read and download 3M ebooks, upload the 3M Cloud Library app to your personal computer and each of your devices. Visit the Library Mobile Apps page for instructions. 3M ebooks can only be read in an app.

Once you have the app, when you find a title click Check Out. The title will now appear in My Books and will automatically sync with all of your devices that have the 3M Cloud Library app installed.

Transferring eBooks from PC to e-Reader

Connect your e-reader to your PC using a USB cable. When you connect it and go to the My Books tab in the 3M Cloud Library App on your PC, you will see a green button appear on each book you have checked out that says “Download to Device.” Click this green button to transfer a copy of the book to your e-reader.

Note: Check that the PC app and the e-reader are both activated with the same account-either an Adobe ID account or a 3M Cloud Library ID account. If these are different you will see a message that these are different. If you change the account when you already have books on the device, you may be unable to open some of the books.

Suggesting 3M eBooks for Purchase

Don’t see the book you’re looking for? Search for books that are not available in the collection and add them to your 3M Cloud Library Wish List or click on Suggest (depending on the version of the 3M app you are using). This is a way of suggesting that the library purchase the ebook.

Request that an ebook be added to the 3M Cloud Library by emailing Acquisitions at

3M Cloud Library Support

Additional help with the 3M Cloud Library is available on the 3M website.