Our Mission

The St. Thomas University Library embodies the Mission and Vision Statements of St. Thomas University as a physical and virtual center where students, faculty, staff, and the greater community engage and collaborate in learning, teaching, and research. The Library serves the learning community through a circle of services that help faculty, staff, and students transform into information fluent professionals and ethical global leaders.

We Care About:

  • Our Learning and Teaching
  • Our Students as Developing Successful Leaders
  • Our Catholic Identity
  • Our Diversity

Our Vision Empowers:

  • Creating an information and technology rich learning environment where the academic, spiritual, intellectual, and psychological needs of our community are supported and networked with other St. Thomas University programs.
  • Engaging our students and faculty at their point of need and journeying with them through the research, evaluation, production, and publication processes to create new and original knowledge and learning.
  • Empowering our community’s scholarship and inspiring the pursuit of new ideas, models, and processes within the academic community.