How To Access the eBook Collection (EBSCOHOST)

Most EBSCO eBooks can be read and downloaded from anywhere, across multiple devices (including tablets, smart phones, and computers). Note: Some books are not downloadable.


Once logged in, find an ebook. You can read the ebook in your web browser using the eBook Viewer. Click the eBook Full Text link on the Results List or in the Detailed Record.

Downloading to Your Personal Computer

To download an EBSCO ebook to your personal computer to read offline, click Download This eBook (Offline). Then follow these steps:

  1. Create a free EBSCOhost account (or login if you already have one)
  2. Click Checkout & Download
  3. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions (it’s free). On-campus users at public access terminals or at faculty and staff computers, follow these instructions. Off-campus users may follow these instructions.
  4. To create an Adobe ID, click Sign In at the top of the page and then click Get An Adobe ID. Skip this step if you already have an Adobe ID or choose not to create one.
  5. Choose a Loan duration and click download
  6. Open the downloaded file
  7. Authorize your computer by entering your Adobe ID


EBSCO ebooks downloaded to your computer can be transferred to a portable device that is connected to it using a USB cable. This Help Sheet explains how to transfer EBSCO ebooks to a portable device. The computer and devices must be authorized with the same Adobe ID.

Downloading to Your Mobile Device

To download an EBSCO ebook directly onto your tablet, smart phone, Kindle Fire, or Nook, download the EBSCO ebook app. Visit the Library Mobile Apps page for instructions. After installing the app, click Find Books, and set your Library to St. Thomas University. Then browse or search for your book. Click Download, login with your EBSCO credentials as needed, select the checkout period, and select Checkout & Download.

Downloading to Other eReaders

For eReaders (that do not support a reader app), PDFs can be created in the eBook Full Text view and transferred to, and read on, the eReader device.

EBSCO Support

Tutorial on how to download EBSCO ebooks

EBSCO’s ebook support page.