The University Library will accept materials from members of the University community if the materials support and enhance the instructional programs of the university. Materials donated by non-St. Thomas University community members must be approved by library members and/or teaching faculty in the designated approval area. Donated materials may be added to the collection; however, the library reserves the right to distribute materials according to library needs. Donated materials may be cataloged, recycled, offered to other institutions, sold, or discarded at the library’s discretion.

The library may acknowledge the receipt of donated items but cannot perform appraisals. The donor must assess the donation for tax purposes. Evaluation may be made by outside consultants at the donor’s expense.

The library may acknowledge purchases of materials through financial donations with bookplates placed inside the covers of books or other places befitting the format of the material. The library reserves the right to select titles, formats, editions, etc. with donated funds.

Procedure for Gifts/Donations:

  1. The Acquisitions Coordinator, in collaboration with faculty librarians and the Dean of the Library, coordinates the receipt of donated materials in accordance with the Library’s Collection Development Policy.
  2. The Library Materials Donation Form should be completed and signed by the donor, who agrees to the Library’s Policy.
  3. Letters of acknowledgement will be prepared and signed by the Library’s Administrative Office.
  4. To make a donation, please fill out the Library Materials Donation Form.