Glenn Hubert Student Learning Center

University Library’s Glenn Hubert Student Learning Center serves as an academic resource for undergraduate, graduate, and distance learning students seeking assistance with college-level writing, mathematics, sciences, and other subjects. Students are able to work one-on-one with experienced writing professionals and peer academic tutors who can provide the academic assistance for students to be successful in college and become leaders for life.

Named for its benefactor, Glenn Hubert, a former educator, the Student Learning Center aims to provide specialized academic services that are tailored to meet the learning needs of all STU students. The Student Learning Center houses the S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. Tutoring Services.

S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. Tutoring

The Student Oriented Center for Retention through Tutoring and Educational Services is located on the second floor of the University Library. Our tutoring center provides assistance for currently enrolled students who need or desire help in a subject matter (courses/subject) in which they are enrolled in. For more information about Brainfuse and how to access it, click here.


In-person: Writing, Business Administration, Data Analytics, Mathematics, Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Anatomy, Chemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Biology, Physiology, Physics, Calculus I & II, Basic Organic Chemistry, Algebra, Basic Biostatistics, Probability, Intermediate Micro/Macro Economics
Online: Mathematics & Statistics, Science, Business, Spanish, Computers & Technology, Nursing, Health Sciences, Reading, and Writing

Writing Center

Writing Center Schedule

The Writing Center, located in Dooner 224, offers students an opportunity to engage with excellent academic writers who are actively willing to support students in their writing assignments. All tutors are open to all levels of writing expertise, from ESL to graduate writing.


As a STU Bobcat, you have access to a Grammarly Education License.

Getting Started
You can create your account following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the request form.
  3. A activation email will be sent to your STU Bobcat email within 2 business days
  4. Please check your STU email. If you do not see the activation link in your Inbox, please be sure to check your Clutter, Spam, and Junk folders.
  5. Once you have verified your email, you will have access to free premium Grammarly Education.

Have questions? Please reach out to a staff member: HERE

Brainfuse (Online Tutoring)

Brainfuse is a 24-hour, online tutoring service St. Thomas University offers for free to its students. For more information about Brainfuse contact the tutoring coordinator at

Why use Brainfuse?

  • With Brainfuse you have 24/7 access to highly-trained online tutors who help students improve their problem-solving and writing skills and help them strengthen their content mastery.
  • Brainfuse is the leader in on-demand student support!
  • 90% of Brainfuse tutors have advanced degrees in their specialty.
  • On-demand tutoring is set up to help ensure little to no wait time and connects students with expert educators, one-on-one, real-time.
  • Students can schedule an appointment ahead of time with a tutor of their choice or submit an offline question.
  • All online tutoring sessions are archived and available for later use.
  • The ONLINE WRITING LAB is designed to assist students in becoming stronger writers. You can submit your work electronically and, in response, receive a detailed, personalized critique of any written assignment.

How to access Brainfuse

  1. Login to MyBobcat
  2. Click on the CANVAS link
  3. Click on any of your courses
  4. Click on the Brainfuse link on the bottom left-hand side menu
  5. Please select an option from the services menu
Tutors’ Responsibilities

The goal of tutoring is to develop skills for lifelong independent learning!

  • Tutors are not “homework machines.” They do not write a paper for a student, solve problems or lab assignments, or resolve any other type of homework assignment required to be initially completed by the student.
  • Tutors do not do the research for a paper or experiment. They can guide a student on how to use the STU Library website to find databases, or direct the student to a librarian for research assistance.
  • Tutors cannot provide assistance without having the instructor’s guidelines for the homework assignment. Thus, the student’s responsibility is to have these guidelines, the textbook, the syllabus, and/or other instructor’s material.
  • Tutors do not assist with homework assignments received by email or dropped off in the Socrates Tutoring Center. A student must be present with the tutor while receiving assistance. The center is not a drop off service.
  • Tutors do not complete a student’s out-of-class quiz or test.
  • Tutors do not revise papers or resolve problems without the student being present.
  • For writing assignments, tutors do not change the voice or style of a paper just to make it “sound better.” Tutors provide grammatical, structural, and citation help. They further facilitate in appraising hypothesis and data, presenting cues and feedback.
  • For math assignments, tutors do not solve the equations/problems for the student. Tutors provide help for concepts to be understood, but no answers are given.
  • Tutors cannot hold a student’s place in line. If the student has checked into Starfish, he/she must be present when called for assistance.
  • Tutors guide, evaluate, motivate, and integrate critical thinking so they can assist a student academically. Students recognize their responsibilities and are actively involved toward their academic duties and educational goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a fee for tutoring?

Tutoring is free of charge.

  • Where is tutoring provided?

A student can work with a tutor only inside the S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. tutoring center.

  •  Is tutoring available on Holidays?

No tutoring on Holidays.

  • Do I need to schedule an appointment and how do I do so?

Tutoring is on a walk-in basis

Demand may be high at the time you arrive, and tutors may not be able to fully complete assistance with a paper or topic. Thus, plan ahead and you may have to visit more than once.

We recommend coming to tutoring in advance of the assignment’s due date or exam day. Do not come the day before or, even more stressing, the same day. We cannot help students with assignments 15 or 30 minutes before a class.

  • Do I need to register before coming to the center?

No registration is required. It is a free service offered to all STU undergraduate and graduate students.

  • “The tutor will do my work for me!”

We highly recommend completing your homework prior to coming to the center. Bring along the instructor’s guidelines as this will help the tutor to reflect the instructor’s requirements and support the assignment with given concepts.

The Tutoring Center is not a fix-it shop. We do not do your math homework, your research, or your proofreading. We will help you understand the concepts used in your math homework, show you a process for doing research, and point out some errors you need to proofread. Remember: “The goal of tutoring is to create independent learners.”

The same applies when a student is coming for assistance to prepare for an exam. Studying beforehand will help you ask the tutor specific questions.

  •  If I miss class, the tutoring center will supplement the missing concepts for me.

Tutoring is not teaching. It cannot and does not substitute for attending class and doing your homework.

If you miss class, communicate with your instructor. Tutors are always happy to help you with questions about your make-up work.

  •  Can I get proof of attendance?

If requested by your instructor, we can provide documentation of your attendance.

  • Can my friend come with me to tutoring?

Only if he/she is participating in the tutoring session and he/she is a current STU student. Space is limited and reserved for students in need of tutoring and tutoring center staff.

  • How Can Students Get the Most from a Tutoring Session?
  • Visit Early:

Do not wait to visit the day before an exam. The sooner you tackle a problem the easier it is to solve.

  • Prepare for your tutoring session:

Go to class, attempt to complete all homework practice examples before you see the tutor, and read your text. This helps your tutor know where to start.

  • Bring your textbook, syllabus, notes, handouts, your current assignment, previous papers, and other work— anything and everything you would bring to class!
  • Understand that tutoring is on a first-come-first-serve basis; therefore, you may not be assisted as soon as you arrive.
  • Plan Ahead: Remember some times of the day, certain days of the week, and midterm and finals weeks are very busy at the tutoring center. So plan your visits, and do not wait until the last minute before a class or a test to seek help.


Tutoring Services Location
University Library 2nd Floor
Mon. – Fri. 9:00am – 5:00pm
Contact Info
Phone 305.474.6862
Writing Center Location
Mimi Dooner Hall 224
Mon. – Fri. 12:00pm–5:00pm
Contact Info
Phone 305.474.6862