What do you do if…?

If you experience problems with your phone, or if you need to move, install, or remove a phone: please email the OIT Help Desk at helpdesk@stu.edu or call extension 6610. To process your request, we will need the following information:

To report telephone problems give:
1) User’s name
2) Extension number
3) Type of phone (look for model number on the bottom of the phone)
4) Does it have a display?
5) Does it have a speaker?
6) What color is it?
7) What kind of problem is it having?
8) Where is the phone located: building, room number?

The more details the better
For a telephone move from office to office, explain:

1) User’s name
2) Extension number to be moved
3) Present location: building, room number, etc.
4) Location where moving to
5) Type of phone
6) Drawing/sketch of new office indicating new location of phone
*Please note that all telephone problems and moves reported will be cleared within 24 to 48 hours.*

*Telephone moves require at least five days notice*
New telephone/line:

If a new telephone or telephone line is required, I must be notified as soon as possible, in writing, and at least 10 days in advance.

1) How soon do you need this order filled?
2) What type of extension is need: direct in word dial [DID] or on campus only.
3) What type of calling access: off campus, long distance, on campus only calls?
4) Name of user(s)
5) How many lines/telephones are needed?
6) Drawing/sketch of office/wall indicating location.