Post-Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Online*

*Pending Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education accreditation

This Post-Master’s FNP Certificate online program is designed to allow students who already hold a master’s degree in nursing to specialize as a family nurse practitioner without having to complete a full master’s degree..


Program Highlights

  • Total tuition cost: $18,500*
  • Complete the program as soon as 14 months
  • Total credit hours: 32
  • 100% online program


Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate advanced knowledge in nursing, related science, and leadership skills that will emphasize ethical and critical decision-making across diverse settings
  • Incorporate evidence-based research to resolve practical problems in health care
  • Apply patient-care technology such as informatics to enhance patient care
  • Create an environment of advanced practice that is beneficial to the establishment of effective interactions with patients
  • Help improve health outcomes for populations and the quality of the health care systems by advocating new policies
  • Demonstrate competence in communication, collaboration, and consultation with healthcare professionals
  • Construct processes for self-accountability of professional growth, adopt lifelong learning, and practice to maintain health and improve patient outcomes


Nursing Career Opportunities

  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Practitioner Supervisor
  • Occupational Medicine Nurse Practitioner
  • Associate Professor
  • Family Nurse Practitioner


Tuition and Fees

The program consists of a total of 23 credit hours. Each course has a technology fee of $75. The tuition shown is based on 23 hours of nursing courses and is inclusive of the fees.

Tuition per Credit Hour Technology Fee per Course Total Program Tuition (Including Fees)
$550 $75 $18,500*

*Tuition costs are subject to change at any time.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Your Online Post-Master’s APFNP Certificate

  • 3.0 GPA from an accredited degree granting institution
  • Active and unencumbered Florida nursing license or Florida APRN license
  • MSN in a nurse practitioner field

Official transcripts and all other documentation should be sent to:

St. Thomas University
Office of Admissions, Mimi Dooner Hall
16401 NW 37th Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33054-6459

Or emailed to:

Please note that this program may not currently be available in your state due to licensure requirements of your state of residence. We advise you to contact your state credentialing authority or licensing board for its specific requirements regarding licensure.

Clinical Requirements

The Post-Master’s APFNP Certificate requires students to complete a total of 500 clinical hours to graduate from the program. There are four clinical courses with 125 clinical hours required for each of these classes: NUR 620: Psychiatric Management I, NUR 630: Psychiatric Management II, NUR 640: Psychiatric Management III, and NUR 650: Psychiatric Management IV. Each clinical course runs over a seven-week period, and the required hours must be completed by the end of each course. See course descriptions for more details.

Prior to beginning clinical courses, you are required to complete and submit proof of the following:

  • Current unencumbered RN licensure in Florida
  • Current Professional Liability Insurance
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Drug Screening
  • Basic Life Support (CPR) certification
  • Annual Physical Examination
  • Current Immunizations

Finding Clinical Sites and Preceptors

STU strongly encourages students to secure their own preceptors, as this is the best way to accommodate schedule and location to the student’s needs. We strongly encourage students to have an alternate preceptor available if needed.

If assistance with clinical placement is needed, you may be required to commute outside your local area, as STU cannot guarantee a clinical site within your immediate location. Please note that your clinical site could be up to 100 miles from your residence.

Restrictions on Clinical Sites

We highly encourage all clinical hours to be conducted in the primary care setting for this program. Students are restricted from completing clinical rotations on their assigned unit. Your immediate supervisor at your place of employment may not serve as your preceptor. Students are not permitted to perform clinical rotations during hours they are working as an employee at a facility. Students are also not allowed to be paid during clinical hours.



Courses in this program conducted over a seven-week term. The summer term consists of two six weeks

Core Courses

NUR 512: Role Transition to Advanced Practice Nursing
NUR 502: Advanced Pathophysiology
NUR 504: Advanced Health Assessment
NUR 600: Advanced Clinical Pharmacology

Specialization Courses

NUR 507: Advanced FNP: Children & Families
NUR 507CL: Advanced FNP: Clinical I
NUR 514: Advanced FNP: Women’s Health
NUR 514CL: Advanced FNP: Clinical II
NUR 509: Advanced FNP: Adults
NUR 509CL: Advanced FNP: Clinical III
NUR 612: Advanced FNP: Adult Gerontology
NUR 612CL: Advanced FNP: Clinical IV


Interested in the Post Masters Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate (Online) program?

Use the form below to reach out to us about your interest in the program. You may also contact Graduate Admissions by phone or email.


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