School of Science, Technology & Engineering Management

St. Thomas University's School of Science, Technology & Engineering Management is elevating science programs to a higher level of excellence through internships and hands-on research. All students with an interest in research are given the opportunity to work with distinguished faculty members who have extensively published peer-reviewed research articles and journals, as well as books and book chapters. The close experience with faculty members and cutting-edge research inspires the students to learn more, while realizing their intelligence and developing their capabilities.

How We Develop Leadership

The School offers undergraduate degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Nursing. A Master of Science degree can be obtained in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Big Data Analysis (which has an entirely online option), Physics Nanoscience, Applied Mathematics, Healthcare Ethics, Nurse Practitioner, as well as Science Teaching. Small class sizes in the classroom and in teaching laboratories are key factors for the experience and success of our students. These settings allow for innovation, greater student engagement and the ability for students to develop and grow in their field of interest. Students are being mentored and motivated to solve problems, obtain results and to become result-oriented. All of this takes place in a modern environment close to reality and with a vision towards future career goals.

Science Institutes

  • The Institute of Technology is the home for Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Pre-Engineering.
  • The Institute for Plant Biology and Agricultural Research works closely with the USDA.
  • The Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Research is the home for Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, and Pre-Pharm.
  • The Institute of Bioethics is the nervous system of the School of Science.
  • The Institute for Health Sciences is the home for the BS in Nursing and the MS in Nursing.