USDA Innovative Curriculum for Agriculture Training and Career for Hispanics (iCATCH)

iCATCH is a multi-institutional consortium grant funded by the USDA Hispanic Serving Institutions Grants Program. St. Thomas University is working with The Agroecology Program at FIU, Miami-Dade College North and Homestead campuses, and Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico in the effort of recruiting and training Hispanic students in Agricultural sciences to prepare them for an extraordinary career with the USDA. In addition, the iCATCH program is partnering with Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden and Earth Learning in order to provide students with a holistic, multidisciplinary, and problem-based approach necessary for tackling tomorrow’s agro-ecological challenges.

If you love plants, animals, the environment, and nature, you should consider a career with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA is in need of individuals like you to conduct the cutting edge research and to apply and create critical policies and regulations necessary to ensure the wellbeing of our nation.

Through iCATCH you can receive assistance for your tuition at STU, gain research experience, be engaged in organic gardening and in helping your community, be guided on one on one basis towards your career goal with our professional development activities, and much more!

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This program is aimed at students that have the following interests:

• Agronomy
• Animal Sciences
• Archaeology
• Biological Sciences
• Biotechnology
• Chemistry
• Engineering
• Food Inspection
• Food Technology Forestry
• Geology/Hydrology
• Landscape Architecture
• Mathematics/Statistics
• Nutrition
• Plant Pathology/Physiology
• Soil Sciences/conservation
• Veterinary Medicine
• Wildlife Biology