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Clubs & Organizations

St. Thomas University offers students an opportunity to become involved in many different clubs and organizations on campus. Clubs and organizations range in their goals from academic, social and athletic to awareness building. If you don’t see the right club for you, think about starting a new club! Additionally, new clubs are always forming, so check out the Student Involvement Fairs, club meetings, and visit the Student Government Association Office (SGA) to stay up-to-date. Being a part of a campus club or organization can greatly enrich your experience at St. Thomas University.

Student organizations form the basis of co-curricular life at St. Thomas University and are an important element to educating the total person. Outlined below is the process by which you can propose a student organization that is recognized by the Student Affairs and the University.

A student organization seeking recognition must be non-discriminatory and open to the entire STU undergraduate and graduate populations. All proposed student organizations and any affiliated national organizations must adhere to the goals and mission of St. Thomas University and the principles of the Catholic Church. Please note that not all proposed new student organizations will be approved based on several factors including but not limited to the number of similar organizations, the interest and sustainability, the use of campus resources, likelihood of sustaining over time, appropriateness, and support of the mission and vision of the University and the Catholic Church. In addition, no organization can be in support of any specific political candidate for any election.

Click here to download the Student Clubs/Organization Packet

Academic Clubs

Accounting Students Association
The Mission of the Accounting Student Association is to provide intellectual growth in the field of accounting, especially introducing students to the practice of accounting in public and private business settings. The organization serves as a bridge to work- life in the field of accounting. We also hope to establish relationships among students and with practitioners. The Accounting Student Association is dedicated to transforming our members from students to Accounting leaders for life.

The purpose of our club is to turn our club members in to Business Leaders. This will be accomplished by bringing Business Leaders to inspire young intellectual minds, which will make the business world a better place.

The Criminal Justice Club
The Criminal Justice Club is a social and academic society whose goals are to increase student involvement on campus as well as provide a hands-on understanding of the Criminal Justice field. One of our goals is to create a spirited and prideful environment at St. Thomas University while helping students develop communication & leadership skills for life through various social outlets such as St. Thomas University's STEP team chapter, S.W.A.G (Students with Aspiring Goals). We also promote awareness in social areas around our community when dealing with police stigmatization, domestic violence, law, deviance and juvenile delinquency. Click here to find us on Facebook.

Cyber Security Club
The goal of Cyber Security Club (CSC) is to expand recognition of Cyber Security related disciplines, by extending education beyond the classroom. CSC will promote the education of and help expand the knowledge and skills of its members in the interrelated fields of cyber security, IS audit, and assurance. (www.stu.edu/c2s2)

Future Teachers of America (F.T.A.)
Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” W.B. Yeats. Future Teachers of America is affiliated with Future Educators Association which is a nationally recognized worldwide. FTA is a federally recognized Career and Technical Student Organization. FTA’s mission is to enhance the appreciation of teaching in the 21st century in order to provide the greatest opportunities and challenges through community service and research in order to take an active role in shaping the future. Come join us to help elevate the image of teaching, FTA attracts dynamic and diverse students who will become tomorrow’s great educators. Click here for more information.

History Club
Our club inspires public engagement with the past and serves the needs of the STU, Miami Gardens, Archdiocese of Miami, Miami-Dade County, and Metro-Miami communities by putting history to work. We believe that historical understanding is of essential value to society and search for opportunities to collaborate. Our members affirm that history prepares students for a broad range of creative and engaged professional careers that include the FBI/CIA, law and graduate school, government service, journalism, business administration, policy advisers, teachers, resource managers, and as entrepreneurs.

Political Science Club
We, the people of the St. Thomas University Political Science Club aim to educate and promote awareness of political activity and civic responsibility among the student body. Our objective is to engage the community in relevant issues that influence groups at large.

Psychology Club
The Psychology Club works to promote educational experiences to enhance students understanding of the field of psychology. We also work to build awareness and knowledge. This organization encourages students to apply their knowledge of Psychology to promote the well-being of the STU community. Click here to find us on Facebook.

Sports Administration Club
The Sports Administration Club is established for the purpose of acknowledging and promoting the various academic and professional disciplines as they relate to sport. The club offers STU students a forum, which promotes both professional and favorable working relationships and networking opportunities, between students, faculty, alumni, and business professionals within the sports industry.

Cultural Organizations

Black Student Union
To serve as the primary public support organization for the Black Student Union and for the students within the school, and to educate the student community on African American History, allowing everyone to get a better understanding of how society is shaped today.

Caribbean Students Association (C.S.A.)
The STU Caribbean Student Association was initially formed to unite the Caribbean students attending this institution. This organization also creates cohesiveness among all Caribbean islands including other countries so as to enlighten each other about the cultural diversities surrounding us. Click here to find us on Facebook.

Kreyol Nation
Our mission is to unite Haitian students and those interested in Haitian culture. It will produce programs that will expose the Haitian culture to the community of STU. This group will be open to all STU students with an interest in Haitian culture. We would like for all faculty, staff, and students on campus to be more knowledgeable about our country, our history, and the essence of Haitian Culture. If you would like to see what we are up to on campus and in the community, please click here to find us on Facebook.

Special Interest Groups

Best Buddies
To create a one on one friendship with people who have disabilities.

Campus Activity Board
STU’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides intentional and educational challenges, resources and support for students through an integrated co-curricular program. C.A.B. sponsors events that will allow them to develop leadership and social skills, cultivate a personal standard of ethics and values and to provide opportunities for enhancing our sense of community at STU. CAB is a fun organization to be involved in at STU. All are welcome. To learn more about CAB, send an email to rmcnab@stu.edu.

Driftwood is STU’s annual literary magazine, publishing poems, short stories, essays, screenplays, and photography. Students, faculty and staff submit work.

National Society for Leadership & Success (N.S.L.S.)
The Society encourages community action, volunteerism, personal growth, and strong leadership from its chapter to build leaders who will contribute in making a better community, campus environment, society, and world. For our organization website, please click here for the NSLS website, find us on twitter @NSLS_STU or click here for our Facebook page.

Sponsored by the Institute for Communication, Entertainment and Media, ICEM, WSTU95 is a national/international online network working to involve and inform the public while positively constructing a socially conscious media industry. We are promoting diverse voices and coverage of issues in the media. We are building a media system that supports and nurtures democracy. WSTU95 is a place where students can explore their abilities, express their creativity and prepare for the real world. Click here to find us on Facebook.