Donnellon Hall (Opening Fall 2019)

We are excited to announce that Donnellon Hall will reopen in fall 2019.  To better serve our students and provide them with an academically focused living experience, we are adding 100+ beds to our growing university.  This is a very special time for our students and staff as we embark on a new chapter in campus housing.  Bringing our students into a community environment is essential in allowing them to excel beyond the classroom experience while encouraging leadership and community involvement in each of our halls.

In addition to creating a great living environment, these communities will be safe and secure with enhanced security systems throughout the facility.  The renovation includes converting the one-bedroom dorm style units into what is called the ‘Hybrid Style’ units, which are part dorm/part apartment.  Two-double occupancy bedrooms share amenities with an adjacent unit, such as a common living space, kitchenette, and private restroom.   The building will largely be comprised of these hybrid-style units, with five additional dorm style double occupancy units at each end.  The renovation will also include completely new laundry facilities and a new lobby.  The exterior of the building will be renovated to match Cascia Hall, with stucco and brick.  The lobby space will also be reconfigured to allow for large expanses of glass – letting light in and view outs.

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