Social Security

Social Security Numbers (SSN) are for work purposes only. Individuals eligible for a social security number must be receiving funding from a U.S. based source (i.e.: St. Thomas University salary). The SSN should not be used as a general form of identification. After arriving in the U.S., you should wait at least 10 days before applying for a SSN.

How do I apply for a SSN?

You must apply in person at a local Social Security Administration office. Complete the application form and provide original documentation that verifies your age, your identity and your lawful non-citizen status.

Take the follow documents to the SSA office:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid I-94 form (accessible online)
  • All original I-20s (For F-1 Students only)
  • All original DS-2019s (For J-1 Visa Only)
  • Employment Letter