Income tax questions

If you received U.S. based income during the previous tax year:
All F-1 visa holders who have earned income (i.e.: salary, scholarships, stipend, etc.) from sources within the United States during the previous year are required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) policies to complete a federal income tax form (1040NR or 1040NR-EZ). Additionally, Form 8843 must also be completed to report the physical presence of nonimmigrant aliens as well as reaffirm your alien status while in the U.S. Failure to file Form 8843, will result in non-compliance of U.S. tax laws and the IRS can choose to treat you as a resident alien for tax purposes. Should this occur, your worldwide income will become subject to U.S. taxation.

Both forms must be postmarked by April 15th.

If you did not receive any U.S. based income during the previous tax year:
Only Form 8843 must be filed by June 15th.

How do I complete the tax forms?
If you need help to complete tax forms, you may schedule an appointment with the Tax Clinic from the School of Law by contacting Ms. Silvia M. Velazquez to or call (305) 474-2452