Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any deadline for International Undergrad Admissions?

YES! Fall 2021 deadline is July 15th. You must have everything completed BEFORE July 15th in order to be considered part of the Fall 2021 class, otherwise, we would have to move your application for the following term (Spring 2022 or Fall 2022).

Do I have to complete an evaluation of my transcripts?

It depends, you must have to complete an evaluation of your transcripts if you have attended an institution outside of the united states, for example, if you are coming to STU after graduating high school in your home country, then you must have to get an evaluation completed.

If you have any doubts, contact us.

Can STU do an evaluation of my transcripts instead?

Unfortunately, no. We do not provide inhouse evaluations. All evaluations must be completed by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or endorsed member by the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE).

STU has a close working relationship with the below members:

How do I know what kind of evaluation do I have to complete?

If you have attended a college or university in your home country or outside the United States, you will have to complete a course-by-course evaluation WITH a GPA calculation.

If you have only attended high school outside the United States only, you will have to complete a basic evaluation plus a GPA Calculation.

Be aware that a GPA calculation is a MUST for both scenarios, your admissions counselor will not be able to make a decision without it.

Who should I put as the recipient of the evaluation?

You can put your admissions counselor’s contact information, if you are not sure who your counselor is, you can always put Jeniffer’s contact information. You will find her details on question 12.

Should I send my transcripts to St. Thomas University still?

I highly recommend you send your transcripts directly to the evaluating company so they can send the office of admissions the evaluation along with the transcripts and we can take them as official.

Just know, some organizations charge extra for this service.

What if I decide not to pay for the extra service?

That’s ok, just keep in mind that we would have to get official transcripts sent to STU directly from your institution abroad to us. That’s the only way we would count your transcripts as official.

Will I be getting a scholarship?

YES! Most of our students receive an academic scholarship once we have made a decision. You will receive an email with a tentative award where it shows the list of your scholarships and the estimated out of pocket a year. Graduate students unfortunately do not qualify for any academic scholarship.

Do I qualify for FAFSA or for any other scholarships?

Unfortunately, you do not, BUT you may qualify for outside scholarships. You can check out some opportunities here:

How do I know if I should take an English proficiency test?

If you are coming from a country where English is not the main language, you will have to complete an English proficiency test, unless you fall under the following categories:

  • You have attended school in English for the most part of your life.
  • You have an ESL certification.
  • You have attended and successfully graduated from an English program and you have proof.
  • To see the list of English proficiency test exempted countries, visit

I completed everything and I got admitted, when will I get my I-20?

After completing everything, you will then receive a series of emails from your counselor with instructions on what to turn in for your I-20. Please note that you would have to provide certain documentation according to your International Student classification. This means if you are coming straight to us from your home country, you must send us the following documentation:

  • $200 tuition deposit
  • Copy of a Valid Passport
  • Proof of funding and sponsorship form

and if you are transferring to STU after attending a school in the US, you must send us the following documentation:

  • $200 tuition deposit
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Copy of current visa page
  • Copy of current I-20
  • Transfer eligibility form, completed by you and your current school International advisor.
  • Bank statement and sponsorship form

Who should I contact regarding questions and concerns?

For undergraduate inquiries:

Carly Scola
Assistant Director of Admissions
Office Of Admissions
St. Thomas University
16401 NW 37th Avenue
Miami, FL 33054
(O) (305) 628-6753| (F): 305.628.6591 | Text: (305) 853-9447

For Graduate inquiries:
Yasdanee Valdes, MA, EdD| Associate Director of Admissions;
Office of Graduate Admissions
St. Thomas University
16401 NW 37 Avenue
Miami, FL 33054
(O) 305.628.6709| (F): 305.628.6591