Parking, Fines, and Vehicle Registration

Each student is responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe and courteous manner of the St. Thomas University campus. Students must adhere to all traffic and parking signs. Parking of any motor vehicles on the grass, medians, sidewalks, and places not designated as parking areas is illegal.

Traffic regulations will be enforced 24 hours a day by the security officers of St. Thomas University. A maximum speed limit of 20 MPH will be enforced on the campus at all times. Speeding, failing to stop at stop signs, and failing to adhere informational signs will be considered violations and citations will be issued accordingly. Motorcycles and mopeds will follow the same rules as automobiles for registration and operation on the campus.

Every St. Thomas University student who operates a motor vehicle on the University campus must register his or her vehicle. Students using more than one vehicle must register each vehicle. Registration must be done within the first two weeks of class ONLINE and the decal must be picked up at the 37th Avenue gatehouse.


Violations Fines
Speeding $50.00
Reckless driving $50.00
Possession of Lost Permit $50.00
Parking in handicapped space $50.00
Failure to obey traffic sign (moving) $40.00
Blocking emergency access zones $40.00
Non-registration of vehicle $30.00
Parked in reserved space or parking lot $25.00
Blocking traffic $25.00
Driving and parking on grass $25.00
Parking at non-designated curb $20.00
Blocking sidewalks/crosswalks $20.00
Parking in no parking zone $20.00
Improper display of parking decal $15.00