Student Health Advisory Council Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Health Advisory Council henceforth known as SHAC,

is to promote St. Thomas University’s Student Health Center

to raise awareness on numerous health topics while empowering students to be

healthy, responsible, successful, and leaders for life.

SHAC will create, organize, facilitate, and participate in

health and wellness initiatives and campaigns on a campus-wide level.

SHAC will serve as a liaison between the student health center’s clinic

and counseling services and the student body.

SHAC strives to build partnerships inside and outside the community,

promote bobcat health awareness, and inspire students to focus on their physical and mental well-being.

SHAC is open to all St. Thomas University students who are committed to uphold

our mission statement and contribute to health and wellness of students at St. Thomas University.


Want to become a SHAC Member?

Please submit your application to Advisor, Maria Bedoya at to become a member or executive board member, click here to download the SHAC application



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