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Campus Activities Board (C.A.B)

Committed to the development of Leaders for Life, the Student Life office at St. Thomas University (STU) introduces the Campus Activities Board henceforth known as CAB. The program focus is to enrich the campus life experience by encouraging the involvement of all students in entertainment that is engaging and enjoyable. CAB function is to enrich the cultural and social needs on campus. The Campus Activities Board provides interesting, exciting, and diverse experiences in order to entertain the students. This is achieved through the production and implementation of a variety of activities and programs. CAB shall encourage the development of leadership skills through organizing, facilitating, and participating in activities/programs. CAB also supports and collaborates with the Student Government Association including; clubs/organizations, and intramurals. CAB strives to unify the campus, instill a sense of bobcat pride, and inspire students to become an active part of the St. Thomas University community.


  • Full-time enrolled St. Thomas University student.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic standing throughout the semester as a Campus Activities Board Member.
  • Maintain good judicial standing from beginning to the end of each semester.
  • Attend all on-site trainings (Any Database training and Event Shadowing).
  • Must be able to complete one semester under probationary regulations.
  • Must be able to attend events and orientations.


  • Serve as a positive representative of STU while fostering a welcoming environment among its newest community members.
  • Facilitate new and traditional events for all students.
  • Assist students with questions and concerns.
  • Ability to communicate and time manage effectively with the Student Life staff.


Application, Selection and Training

Students interested in becoming a Campus Activities Board member must complete an online application. Interviews, selection and training will take place immediately after.

Campus Activities Board Application Packet


For additional information, please contact:
John P. Jackson
Associate Director of Student Life
Student Affairs Office