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Professor Siegfried Wiessner Named Associate Dean for Scholarship and Faculty Development

By November 13, 2023College of Law

Dean Tarlika Nuñez-Navarro has appointed Professor Siegfried Wiessner as Associate Dean for Scholarship and Faculty Development. Professor Siegfried Wiessner, a renowned scholar and academic luminary, teaches U.S. Constitutional Law and International Law at St. Thomas Law and is the author of a number of books and articles in the fields of constitutional law, international law, human rights, the law of indigenous peoples, the law of armed conflict, arbitration, space law, and refugee law.

In his capacity as Associate Dean for Scholarship and Faculty Development, Professor Wiessner will focus on enhancing the faculty’s research and writing capabilities. Professor Wiessner’s commitment to the law school and extensive background in academic leadership and scholarship will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the law school’s faculty members in their scholarly endeavors.

Upon being asked about his appointment, Professor Wiessner stated that he was “humbled by this recognition.” He looks forward to working with his colleagues, especially the new faculty that just joined, to support each other and to develop new approaches, techniques, and venues in the quest for academic excellence, expressed in scholarship dedicated to our mission of human flourishing, so much part of the vision of our Catholic university.

“Openness to ideas, research without blinders, is the lifeblood of our University,” he stated. “Diversity of theories about law and their implementation is most welcome. It enriches our research and writing in respectful dialogue, and thus enhances the lives of human beings in a public order of human dignity.”

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