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Why STU Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Colleges In Florida

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It’s no secret that St. Thomas University is growing. The combination of majors, accessibility, and location has created an upward trajectory that is causing prospective students to take notice. Those high school seniors and young adults looking for colleges in Florida realize that STU is the place to earn a quality education.

The professors, staff, and students of STU have worked together to create an atmosphere that has adapted well to growing enrollment and industry trends. You’ll find a close-knit campus filled with students just like you who are looking for education to reach their career goals. The future is bright at STU: the median starting salary for an STU graduate is $48,400. 

Check out these reasons why STU is one of the fastest-growing colleges in Florida right now:

Steady Rise In Rankings

Accolades continue to roll in for this smaller private university in Florida. STU received plenty of different titles and awards in recent years, making them stand out even more to prospective students. 

Ranked #1 for Social Mobility

U.S. News & World Report stated on their 2020 Best Colleges list that STU beat out other regional universities in the south for Social Mobility. This means that the school is not only accessible to minority students but also supportive of students to make sure they reach their educational goals. 

84% of STU students are a minority, which heavily reflects the growing communities located near the colleges of Florida. These students not only receive an excellent education but also change their family tree by usually being the first in their family with a college degree. 

Ranked Top University In Florida

St. Thomas University was the only private college listed in Wallethub’s top-rated in Florida on their 2020 College Ranking list. The study looked at multiple factors of college campuses, including campus safety and experience, as well as faculty resources. The popular website also considered cost, student selectivity, as well as educational and career outcomes. 

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Top 25 Rated School For Hispanic Nurses

Nursing School Hub rated St. Thomas University as one of the Top 25 schools in the country for Hispanic nurses. STU’s unique degree program stood out compared to other nursing schools. Students in the nursing program at STU can choose a Family Nurse Practitioner only degree path that is unusual in schools that serve the Latin community. 

Over 58% of STU’s nursing students are Hispanic, pointing to the school’s ability to provide graduate-level nursing degrees that are highly sought after. Many Hispanic graduates of the program also enjoy serving in bilingual areas where they can communicate well with patients.

Growing Enrollment In Multiple Areas

One key factor in the growth of St. Thomas University lies in its continued growth of freshman and graduate degree enrollment. More and more students are choosing to enroll in STU when choosing from colleges in Florida.

Largest Freshman Class In 2019

A whopping 511 freshman began their studies at STU in the fall of 2019. This broke records at the college as the overall student population grew to just over 1,300 students. In fact, the Freshman Convocation ceremony was so large that it had to move from its usual spot on campus to the STU Athletic Center. Incoming high school seniors are taking note of STU’s class sizes, majors offered, and supportive staff. 

Increase In New Law Students

While other law schools around the country are seeing a decrease in law student applications, STU had the exact opposite issue. 243 new law students started classes in the fall of 2019, which was a 26% increase compared to 192 new law students the previous year. The overall St. Thomas School of Law enrollment in 2019 was 604 students as well.

Campus Housing Renovations

To help answer the call of all of these new students, STU has worked hard to provide unique and updated campus housing. Donnellon Hall, which was closed for 7 years, recently received a renovation and reopened to students to help meet the increasing demand with rising enrollment. STU staff have anticipated the growing pains associated with the sharp increase of new students on campus.

Exciting New Programs Added

Plenty of new major programs and sports options plan to launch in the fall of 2020. These degrees and athletic opportunities will attract even more quality students to STU.

New Degree Programs Available

The recently launched Institute for Ethical Leadership at STU will offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs beginning in Spring 2020. The program combines the school’s rich history of faith-based education along with business practices. Students graduating with these degrees will be better equipped to serve communities in public leadership roles.

Added Athletic Programs

STU will offer 21 varsity sports with the addition of Men’s and Women’s Swimming, Men’s and Women’s Diving, and Men’s Wrestling in the fall of 2020. These sports teams will compete in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) conference program. 

Not only will these programs provide a way for student-athletes to receive a quality education, but they will also spotlight the growth of sports in local communities. The addition of these three new programs comes right on the heels of the school’s new football team and marching band as well. 

Location, Location, Location

With a campus located in Miami Gardens, St. Thomas University is just a few miles from the heart of Miami, Florida. This allows commuting students accessibility to their education while also offering many job opportunities. 

STU sits close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, making it a prime spot for students to socialize as well. An extensive public transportation system also helps students get all around town with trolleys, buses, and rail systems. 

There are plenty of reasons why students are choosing to continue their education at St. Thomas University. The administration at STU has risen to the call of the school’s overall growth and future growth potential. 

With plenty of new degree programs, athletic teams to join, and continued supportive staff, students at STU continue to see the benefits of enrollment. All of these reasons combine to prove why STU is one of the fastest-growing colleges in Florida. Contact the admissions office at St. Thomas University today to join this fast-growing college in Florida.

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